SNiP 2.04.12-86

СНиП на английском языке SNiP 2.04.12-86

    5.1. Analysis to verify pipeline design is performed after selection of the basic pipeline dimensions
    considering all of the design loads and impacts for all calculated cases.
    5.2. Determination of the forces from calculated loads and impacts arising in individual
    pipeline elements should be performed by construction mechanics methods for analysis of
    statically indeterminate framework systems.
    5.3. Pipeline loading diagram shall reflect the actual conditions of its operation, the
    method of calculation shall consider the possibility of using computers.
    5.4. Pipeline loading diagram shall take into account statically indeterminate planar or
    spatial, simple or branched frameworks of variable rigidity considering interaction of the pipeline
    with its supporting devices and the environment (when laid directly in the soil). The coefficients
    for increase in flexibility of branches and T-joints shall be determined per 5.5 and 5.6.
    5.5. Coefficient of increased flexibility of bent and welded branches kp shall be determined
    as per Table 8.
    The value of kp* shall be taken from Figure 1 depending on the geometric parameter of
    the branch λb and the internal pressure parameter ωb.
    The values of the parameters λb and ωb are determined by the equations: