GOST 21.614-88 (ST SEV 3217-81)

Random Section of GOST 21.614-88

This standard establishes conventional graphic symbols for electric wiring, laying of bus bars, cable lines (hereinafter, wiring) and electrical equipment on plans of electric mains and (or) electrical equipment arrangement in buildings and structures for all branches of industry and the national economy.

1. Graphic symbols for wiring and electrical equipment provided in this standard can be replaced with common symbols. In this case, reference to the relevant specification or alphanumerical signs should be given on the ‘shelves’ of callout lines, or in the line break, or within the contour of a conventional graphic symbol.

2. Symbol sizes are given for drawings on the scale of 1:100.

If a symbol is used on a different scale, its size should be changed proportionally to the drawing scale, and the size (side or diameter) of a conventional symbol of electrical equipment should be not less than 1.5 mm.

3. Sizes of symbols for wiring and electric equipment, which are not given in tables 1-8, should be in accordance with the column “Symbol” of these tables.

4. Sizes of symbols for cabinets, switchboards, control panels, boxes, electrical devices and equipment of outdoor switchgears should be according to their actual sizes on the drawing scale.

Sizes of symbols of cabinets, switchboards, boxes and etc. can be scaled up to show the interconnected piping with wiring.

5. Symbols of wire lines and wire-ways are given in table 1.