GOST 21.610-85

Random Section of GOST 21.610-85

1.1 Working drawings of external gas pipelines shall be made according to the requirements of this standard and other standards within the System of Building Design Documents (SBDD), and according to the design codes for external gas pipelines.
1.2 Working drawings of external gas pipeline (the main set of working drawings of the GSN type) shall include:

  • general data for working drawings
  • gas pipeline drawings (layouts and longitudinal sections)
    Equipment specifications according to GOST 21.110-82 and bills of materials according to GOST 21.109-80 shall be included in the main set of GSN working drawings.
    1.3 Gas pipelines shall be marked on drawings using conventional graphic symbols according to GOST 21.106-78, and by alphanumerical marks according to GOST 21.609-83.
    If there are no visible gas pipeline sections on the drawing, it is allowed to mark buried gas pipelines with a solid thick line and to provide the necessary notes to working drawing in the general data section or on related drawings.
    1.4 Conventional graphic symbols for equipment, fittings, gas pipeline elements, and ways of gas pipeline laying shall be as provided in the Uniform System of Construction Documents (USCD) and SBDD standards listed in the appendix with reference documents.
    1.5 The diameter and wall thickness of a gas pipeline shall be specified above the “shelf” of the leader line.
    In case when the gas pipeline alphanumerical marks are given above the “shelf” of the leader line, the gas pipeline diameter and wall thickness shall be specified below the “shelf”.