GOST 21.608-84

Random Section of GOST 21.608-84

2.4.8 If there are similar-sized rooms (or room sectors) with similar lighting engineering designs, it is not necessary to represent the electrical equipment, electrical circuits and other elements on layout plans for all rooms, but only for a selection of them. It is also permitted to provide partial layout plans for separate typical rooms.

2.5 Basic diagrams of feed networks.

2.5.1 Basic diagrams of feed networks are to be executed as one-line images according to the Unified System of Construction Documentation (USCD) standards for electrical circuit installation rules, and according to requirements of this standard.

2.5.2 A side head of a basic diagram of a feed network is to be executed according to pattern 5.

An example of how a feed network basic diagram is to be executed for a multi-storey building is given for reference in Appendix 5. Explanatory notes on the layout are given as recommendations in Appendix 6.

2.5.3 It is permitted to split basic diagrams of a feed network for dwelling houses between separate layouts, for example, an input switch-gear diagram and a diagram of feed network lines. On a diagram of a feed network lines, it is also permitted to represent panels and other devices only for a single typical floor, rather than for all floors, and not to represent switching units on floor and apartment panels; design data are to be given in tables.

2.5.4 It is not necessary to execute basic feed network diagrams if there are 4 group panels or less, and if all data on the feed network according to paragraph 2.5.1 (pattern 5) are given in the layout plan.

2.6 Basic diagrams of lighting remote control and connection diagrams of switch-gear packages for voltages up to 1,000V are to be executed taking account of USCD standard requirements for electrical circuit installation rules.

It is permitted to include the specified diagrams into the main set of design drawings of other electrical engineering types.