GOST 21.607-82

Random Section of GOST 21.607-82

2.1. The basic set of working drawings of type EN shall include the following:

General Data on the Working Drawings;

Territory Lighting Plan;

Register of Support and Floodlight Towers with Lighting and Electric Equipment Installed on Them;

diagrams of the power-supply and control circuits of the territory lighting;

drawings of nonstandard components for lighting and electric equipment installation.

2.2. Working drawings may be executed as separate documents labeled with the basic set designation plus the document number in Arabic figures separated with a point, for example General Data on the Working Drawings (EN1.1), Territory Lighting Plan (EN1.2).

2.3. The General Data on the Working Drawings shall be executed in accordance with GOST 21.102-79, taking into account the following additional requirements:

the register of specifications shall not be made;

when the working drawings of territory lighting are executed as separate documents, the General Data shall include the register of documents in accordance with Form 2 of GOST 21.102-79 and each of the following documents shall include the register of the document working drawings in accordance with Form 1 of GOST 21.102-79 and a reference to the General Data on the Working Drawings of the Territory Lighting.

2.4. Territory Lighting Plan.

2.4.1. The working drawings of the general layout shall be used as a basis for developing the Territory Lighting Plan.

Parts of the Territory Lighting Plan shall be made to a scale of 1:200 or 1:500.