GOST 21.508-93

Random Section of GOST 21.508-93

7.1. The earthwork volume is calculated by the quadrate method.
Other methods may be used. The contents and the form of the plan is dependent on the volume of earthwork and work methods.
7.2. The earthwork plan shall include:
a) the geodetic grid or the base line;
b) the quadrate grid, the actual elevations and position points at the corner of the quadrates, the ground level work, the area of excavation hatched at 45° to the grid base, and the volume of earthwork within each quadrate or another figure formed by the grading contour;
c) buildings and structures;
d) fences or the notional boundary of the territory.
e) slopes and retaining walls.
7.3. The quadrate grid is normally superimposed in the geodetic grid, with the quadrate side equal to 20 m.
The quadrate grid may be referenced to the setback line or the base line; the side of a quadrate may be equal to 10, 25, 40 or 50 m, depending in the terrain pattern and the required accuracy of the earthwork calculation.
The earthwork volume may be calculated using other figures, depending on the configuration of the design territory. In this event, the dimensions of such figures shall be indicated on the drawing.
7.4. A table as per Form 6 shall be drawn under each column of quadrates; the columns of the table shall indicate the total volume of cut and fill for respective quadrates, and the lines on the right shall indicate the total volume of cut and fill for the entire territory.
7.5. If the design territory hosts soil (the fertile soil layer, peat and soil that cannot be used as foundation soil for buildings or structures), which shall be removed, the soil removal plan shall be made prior to the earthwork in a similar form.
Elevations of the bottom of soil to be removed shall be used as design elevations on the soil removal plan, and shall be considered as actual elevations in the earthwork plan.
If the design territory contains various types of soil, plans may be drawn for each type of soil and shall have a respective title.

  1. «Earthwork Plan. Removal of Debris».
  2. «Earthwork Plan. Removal of Rock».
    If the layer of soil to be removed is of the same thickness, the soil removal plan may be considered unnecessary. In this event, the elevations of the bottom of soil to be removed shall be considered as actual elevations on the earthwork plan, and the calculated volume of the soil to be removed shall be included in respective lines and columns of the bill of quantities as per Form 7.
    7.6. The earthwork plan shall include:
    a) the bill of quantities of earthwork as per Form 7;
    b) guidelines for adjustment of position points at the places of lawns, trapezoidal ditches, grounds and track structures.
    7.7. The earthwork plan and the bill of quantities are shown in Appendices K and L respectively.