GOST 21.501-93

Random Section of GOST 21.501-93

3.2 Apart from the data stipulated by GOST 21.101, the general data of the working drawings shall include:

1) information concerning the loads and the impacts used for calculation of the building or construction structures;

2) information concerning the soils (foundations), the level and the nature of the underground waters, the depth of frost penetration* ;

3) instructions for preparatory activities for foundation construction and the specific conditions of work performance* ;

4) information concerning the structures anticorrosive protection activities (if the main set of A3 grade working drawings is not available);

5) instructions for activities related to wintertime work.

3.3 The layout of the structures’ elements

3.3.1 The layout of the structures’ elements (hereinafter referred to as «layout») shall show the structures’ elements and the relations between them in the form of conventional or simplified graphic representations.

3.3.2 The layout is produced for each specific group of the structures’ elements that are interrelated by the conditions and the sequence of the construction activities.


1. The layout of the elements of foundations and foundation girders.

2. The layout of the basement walls blocks (involute of the basement block walls).

3. The layout of the pillars, connecting elements between the pillars, crane girders.


* They are provided in cases where they are not available in the technical specifications for the foundation elements layout.

4. The layout of the trusses (beams).

5. The layout of the wall and partition panels.

3.3.3 The layout shall be produced in the form of plans, front views or sectional views of the respective structures with a simplified representation of the elements.

3.3.4 The layout shall include:

1) the coordination axes of the building (construction), the dimensions defining the distances between them and the limiting axes, the dimensional affixment of the axes or surfaces of the structures’ elements with the coordination axes of the building (construction) or, where required, with other structures’ elements, other necessary dimensions;

2) the markings of the most characteristic levels of the structures’ elements;

3) the positions (marks) of the structures’ elements;

4) the designations of the units and fragments;

5) the data concerning the permissible installation loads.

3.3.5 The identical positions (marks) of the consecutively located structures’ elements may be represented in the layout only at the ends of the row with indication of the number of items.

3.3.6 For many-tier panels positioned within one floor the wall panel layout is shown in side view, for the single-tier positioning of the panels the layout is shown in plan.

3.3.7 The layout designation shall include, where required, information specifying the location of the structure inside the building (construction). It is acceptable to assign numbers to the layout.

Example: Layout of the overhead cover elements at marking 7.200 between axes 1 – 15, V – G (layout 1).

3.3.8 The layout shall include the markings for installation into the design position the structural elements that have asymmetrically positioned embedded items and other specific features.

The examples of production of the prefabricated structures’ elements layout are given in Appendix 10.

3.3.9 In cases where the cast-in-place ferroconcrete structure is combined of several elements (beams, slabs etc.) and each of these elements is provided with a separate reinforcement layout, these elements shall be assigned the position indications or marks in accordance with Drawing 1.