GOST 21.408-93

Random Section of GOST 21.408-93

4.6.1. The following shall generally be indicated in the layout drawings (plans, sectional views, fragments and assemblies) of equipment and external wires and air tubes of automation systems:

            — the outlines of the buildings (structures) with the layout of the process equipment and communications;

            — the automation hardware;

            — the harnesses of wires, individual electrical wires and air tubes and the load-bearing and support structures for their installation;

            — the passage of wires and air tubes through walls and roofs;

            — the specifications for the layout drawings per Form 7, GOST 21.101.

            4.6.2. The following shall be shown in the layout drawings:

            — the coordinate axes of buildings (structures);

            — marks for open floors of stories and areas on which automation hardware will be installed;

            — classes of explosion and fire hazard zones, categories and groups of explosive mixtures and the boundaries of explosion hazardous zones in rooms and exterior installations according to the requirements of the Electrical Equipment Code if explosion and fire hazard zones are present at the site.

            Example – B-Ia (IT2 vinyl acetate).

            4.6.3. The following may be omitted from the layout drawings:

            — instruments (mercury thermometers, pressure gauges, etc.) located in the process equipment and pipelines which do not have communication lines connected to them;

            — the grounding of automation systems.

            4.6.4. It is recommended that the layout of automation hardware and external wiring and air tubes in monitoring and control rooms, as well as in sensor rooms, be shown on separate pages.

            4.6.5. As a rule, the layout plans shall be drawn to the same scale as the layout plots for the process equipment and main pipelines.

            4.6.6. The name and designation of the process equipment shall be indicated within its outlines or on an extension line.