GOST 21.206-93

Random Section of GOST 21.206-93

1. This standard determines symbols for presentation of pipelines and their parts on drawings and diagrams of process, heat-mechanic, sanitary and other systems, networks, and utilities during design of various enterprises, buildings and facilities.

2. Symbols for presentation of pipelines are composed of graphic symbols or simplified presentation of pipelines and alphanumeric or numeric presentation of the transported medium, which shows its type, function and properties. The type of the medium is shown by the letter or the first figure, while the other figures determine its function and/or properties.

3. Graphic symbols and simplified presentation of pipelines and their parts are given in Table 1.

4. Non-buried sections of designed pipelines are shown as a solid bold base line, while buried (e.g. inside trenches) are shown as a dashed line of the same thickness.

Existing pipelines are drawn with a thin solid or dashed line respectively.