GOST 21.114-95

Random Section of GOST 21.114-95

5.7. In case when component parts of a nonstandard article are on different “walls,” which are in different planes, turning the “walls” into the plane of the drawing is allowed with an inscription “Wall is turned” in the appropriate place of the drawing.

5.8. Placing separate views of the nonstandard article parts and the additional schematic drawings of their joints and positions in the preliminary drawing field, and, if necessary, showing movable parts of the nonstandard article in their extreme positions with appropriate dimensions, is allowed.

5.9. Not drawing casings, lids, etc. on a preliminary drawing is allowed to show component parts of the nonstandard article covered by them. In this case, an appropriate inscription shall be made above the image, e.g. “Casing (item No. 5) not shown.”

5.10. Number of views on a preliminary drawing shall be minimal, but sufficient for the complete representation of the nonstandard article and the connections the article being developed with the other adjacent (adjoining) elements of the systems and building structures being designed.

5.11. Data on the material, diameter of holes and other such data shall be given on a preliminary drawing only when this is needed for making a final decision in the basic set of working drawings.

5.12. Inscriptions explaining the design of a nonstandard article shall be made on the shoulders of the leaders.

5.13. Technical requirements to a nonstandard article shall be given on the free field of the preliminary drawing, preferably above the heading.

5.14. The names of component parts of a nonstandard article shall be shown on a preliminary drawing in one of the following ways:

— on the shoulders of the leaders;

— in a table located, as a rule, at the same place as the article image. In this case, the numbers of the nonstandard article component parts included in the table shall be shown on the shoulders of the leaders.

The table shall be made in accordance with Form 7 of GOST 21.101. The column “Item mass, kg” shall normally not be filled. The approximate mass of the nonstandard article shall be given at the end of the table.

5.15. The amount of data given in the technical requirements to the preliminary drawing shall ensure the correct understanding of the nonstandard article design.

The technical requirements shall include:

— purpose, field of application and parameters characterizing the operating conditions of the nonstandard article;

— technical data, design requirements and characteristics necessary for developing the nonstandard article (construction, device or subassembly);

— brief description of the nonstandard article design and, if necessary, its principle of operation. If the nonstandard article is made up of component parts, a description shall be provided for each part, one after the other.

— requirements to the manufacturing technique, if they are the only requirements guaranteeing the required quality of the nonstandard article, and requirements to protective coatings;

— requirements to the conditions of fastening (mounting) of the nonstandard article (construction, device or subassembly), to foundations and to other building structures;

— special requirements to the nonstandard article: fire and explosion safety, acid resistance, etc.;

— requirements to the quality of the nonstandard article (e.g. wear resistance, heat endurance, strength);

— the initial data on the load upon the nonstandard article, operating environment and other data;

— directions on making permanent joints (e.g. welded);

— special requirements to the storage conditions of the nonstandard article and any other necessary requirements.