GOST 21.101-97

Random Section of GOST 21.101-97

4.2.1 Working drawings for construction and installation works are collated in packages (hereinafter – main packages) by types in accord with Appendix A.

4.2.2 A main package of working drawings of any type can be divided into several main packages of the same type (with additional serial number) in accord with construction and installation works organization.

For example — AS1; AS2; KZh1; KZh2

4.2.3 A designation is assigned to each main package of the working drawings. The designation includes base marking, in accordance with identification system of the Organization, and, after hyphen – type of the main package.

For example— 2345-12-AR,

where 2345 — is the number of an Agreement (Contract) or the code of a constructed facility;

12 — number of a building or a structure in accord with a Master Plan *;

2345-12 — base marking;

AR — type of the main package of the working drawings.

* For the Project Parts related to the construction as a whole (Executive summary, Master Plan and Transportation), as well as working drawings for the line structures, general layout, external utilities that part of the base marking, as a rule, is omitted.

4.2.4 A main package of the working drawings includes general data on working drawings as well as drawings and diagrams stipulated by corresponding SPDS standards.

General data for working drawings

4.2.5 On the first sheet of each main package of the working drawings there are general data on working drawings, which include:

  1. list of working drawings included in the main package (Form 1);
  2. list of references and appended documents  (Form 2);
  3. list of working drawings included in the main packages  (Form 2);
  4. list of specifications (in case there are several location maps in the main package) (Form 1);
  5. non standard designations, which have not been specified earlier in the main package of working drawings;
  6. general guidelines;
  7. other data stipulated by corresponding SPDS standards.

Forms 1 and 2, as well as instructions explaining how to fill them up, are cited in Appendix B.

4.2.6 List of working drawings included in the main package contains sequential list of the main package lists.

4.2.7 List of references and attached documents is composed as follows:

  1. reference documents;
  2. attached documents.

The section «Reference Documents» contains a list of documents referred to in working drawings including:

  1. drawings of typical structures, facilities and units indicating designation, series and release number;
  2. standards which include drawings of a component manufacturing, with a component name and designation.

Designer furnishes the references documents to Customer only under a separate agreement.

The documents developed as addition to the working drawings of the main package are listed in the section Attached Documents and include the following:

— working documents for construction;

— design drawings of non-standard structures general layouts;

— specifications on equipment, goods and materials;

— local cost estimation;

— other documents specified by the corresponding standards SPDS.