GOST 2.721-74

Random Section of GOST 2.721-74

7. Designations of drive components and control devices shall comply with those indicated in Table 6, common elements of conventional graphical symbols, lines for the isolation and separation of parts of the shceme and for shielding – in Table 6a; designations of grounding and possible insulation damages – in Table 6b; designations of electrical connections, wires, cables and busbars – in Table 6c; designations of the current and voltage type – in Table 6d; designations of winding types in products – in Table 6e; designations of pulse forms — in Table 6f; designations of signals — in Table 6g; designations of modulation formats — in Table 6h; designations of the appearance of reactions at achievement of certain values — in Table 6i; designations of substances (media) — in Table 6j; designations of impacts, effects, dependencies — in Table 6k; designations of emissions — in Table 6l; designations of other qualifying symbols — in Table 6m; designations performed on alphanumeric printing devices, — in Table 6n.

(Revised edition, Amendment No. 1, 2).

8. Dimensions of conventional graphical symbols shall comply with those indicated in Table 7.

9. Terms used in the standard, and their explanations are given in Appendix 1. Dimensions (in a modular grid) of conventional graphical symbols are given in Appendix 2.

(Introduced additionally, Amendment No. 2).