GOST 2.701-2008

Random Section of GOST 2.701-2008

5.4.1 In diagrams executing the following graphic symbols are used:

— schematic symbols established in the standards of Unified system for design documentation and based on it;

— rectangles;

— simplified contour (including axonometric). If necessary, non-standardized schematic symbols are used.

  When applying the non-standardized schematic symbols and simplified contours in diagram the relevant explanations shall be specified.

  Schematic symbols with several acceptable (alternative) design variants specified and distinguished by geometric shape or level of indenture shall be used based on the kind and type of diagram under development depending on information that is necessary to display in diagram graphically. At that, common selected variant of symbols shall be used in all diagrams of the same type included in documentation package.  

  Application of various schematic symbols in diagrams is determined by the rules of specific kind and type #S diagram drafting.

  5.4.2 The size of the components schematic symbols are established in the corresponding standards of Unified system for design documentation of schematic symbols. Schematic symbols, which ratio of sizes is given in the corresponding standards in modular grid shall be displayed in sizes determined vertically and horizontally by modular grid size M (see Figure 3). For each diagram modular grid size can be any but common for all elements and devices of this diagram.