GOST 2.410-68*

Random Section of GOST 2.410-68*

This standard details the rules for making the drawings of metal structures manufactured by machine-building enterprises of all industrial sectors.
The standard complies with ST SEV 209-75 and ST SEV 366-76.
(Revised version, Rev. #1).

  1. The drawings of metal structures shall comply with the requirements of the Unified System of Design Documentation and this standard.
  2. If the metal structure drawing includes:
    top view – above the main view;
    bottom view – under the main view;
    right-side view – to the right of the main view;
    left-side view – to the left of the main view;
    each view (except for the main one) shall be assigned with the capital letter, and its direction shall be indicated with an arrow accompanied by a relevant letter (Figure 1).
  3. The sizes in metal structures drawings can be specified without extreme deviations which are detailed in specifications. For individually manufactured items the maximum deviations can be indicated in specifications with a reference to theses specifications in the assembly drawing.
  4. Chamfers shall be indicated in drawings with specification of their linear dimensions (Figure 2).