GOST 2.114-95

Random Section of GOST 2.114-95

3.1. Specifications are an engineering document developed by decision of the product developer / manufacturer or client / user.

3.2. Specifications are an integral part of product design documentation package or any other type of product documentation package and, where documentation is unavailable, shall contain a complete set of requirements for the product, product manufacture, inspection and acceptance.

3.3. Specifications shall be developed for

  • a single specific article, material, substance, etc.;
  • several specific articles, materials, substances, etc. (group specifications).

Note: Where articles, materials and substances are to be manufactured following requirements that are higher than those presented in the existing specifications, independent specifications including a reference to the existing ones shall be developed or existing specifications shall be modified into group ones with the required additions / amendments to be introduced.

3.4. The specifications requirements shall not contradict the obligatory requirements of state / interstate standards that apply to this product.

3.5. If individual requirements have been set by standards or other engineering documents applying to this product, specifications shall have references to these standards or documents as per GOST 2.105 instead of repeating these requirements.

3.6. Specifications shall be issued on GOST 2.301 format A4 sheets with the main inscription to be as per GOST 2.104 (forms 2 and 2a); the front page shall be issued in accordance with GOST 2.105 with the following additions:

After 6: Where necessary, indicate, in brackets, the name of the document replaced by these specifications according to the following form: «(In place of …)», date of introduction or period of validity of the specifications (where necessary) below the specifications designation.

Diagrams, drawings and tables supporting individual provisions of the specifications shall be issued on GOST 2.301 format sheets with the main inscription to be made as per GOST 2.104 form 2a.

Specifications originals issued on magnetic carriers and copies obtained from these, as well as specifications for materials, substances, etc. regardless of the method used to issue them may be issued without the main inscription, additional columns and frames. In this case:

  • Each sheet shall have the specifications designation in the upper right-hand corner (for single-side printing) or in the left-hand corner of even pages and right-hand corner of odd pages (for double-side printing);
  • Personal signatures as envisaged for the main inscription as per GOST 2.104 shall be placed on the front sheet or as required by GOST 28388 for magnetic-carrier specifications;
  • Amendments shall be indicated in the amendment list to be placed at the end of specifications (the recommended amendment list form is as per GOST 2.503).

3.7. The specifications designation shall be assigned by the developer.

3.7.1 Mechanical and instrument engineering product specifications shall be designated in accordance with GOST 2.201.

Example: ShRPI.041221.002TU