GOST 127.5-93

Random Section of GOST 127.5-93

5. transportation and storage

            5.1. Sulphur is transported by all kinds of transport in covered transportation facilities according to the effective rules of transportation of hazardous goods for that kind of transport.

            It is allowed to use open transportation facilities provided their protection against precipitation.

            5.2. Sulphur intended for export is transported pursuant to the requirements of this standard or contract.

            5.3. Packed in bags sulphur is stored in bailed and non-bailed form in covered on timber pallets.

            Bags with sulphur are piled up as a stockpile. A passage of no less than 0.75 m width is to be available between stockpiles. It is not allowed to place bags with sulphur near water and sewer pipes as well as near heating devices.