GOST 127.4-93

Random Section of GOST 127.4-93

1.4. 5-9 indices of the Table 1 are guaranteed and determined at the request of consumers or regulating authorities.

            1.5. Codes of ground sulphur for rubber products and rubbers according to OKP are given in the Attachment.

            1.6. Example of symbolic notation while ordering:

            Ground sulphur of the 1st class, 9995 grade, GOST 127.4-93.

            1.7. Transport marking according to GOST 14192 with marking of handling sign “Protect against moisture”; 4a danger sign and classification code according to GOST 19433; U.N.O. serial number – 1350.

            Besides that a shipping container is marked with the following attributes:

            — name, sort and class of sulphur;

            — lot number and date of manufacturing;

            — designation of this standard.

            1.8. Sulphur is packed in five-layered or six-layered paper bags of БМ, ПМ, БМП, ВМБ marks according to GOST 2226 or in polyethylene bags for chemical products according to GOST 17811.

            Upon agreement with a consumer it is allowed to pack sulphur in soft rubber-cord containers or in polyethylene bags according to GOST 17811 enclosed in paper bags according to GOST 2226. The gross weight of the bag is 40±1 kg. Upon agreement with a consumer the gross weight of the bag is 20±1 kg is allowed.

            The bags are placed in packets according to GOST 26663.

            Upon agreement with a consumer it is allowed to ship sulphur without packets.

            While shipment to the regions of the Far North and hard-to-reach areas sulphur is packed according to GOST 15846.

            1.9. Sulphur intended for export is packed and marked according to the requirements of this standard or contract.