GOST 12.4.026-76

Random Section of GOST 12.4.026-76

4.1. Techniques of safety signs application on production equipment and their coloration with paint materials of signal colors are specified in design documentation. Application techniques shall assure preservation of signs and signal colors for the whole period of equipment operation or till its overhaul.

(Revision, Amendment No2).

4.2. (Excluded, Amendment No2).

4.3. Signal-color paint materials applied for coloration of safety signs, production equipment and other objects shall assure color retention in any climatic and operating conditions for which safety signs, production equipment and other objects are intended.  

4.4. Signal-color paint coating shall be even, without sags and spots, it shall not flake away and shall be always in the condition assuring clear and univocal color perception.

4.3., 4.4. (Revision, Amendment No2).

4.5. If the color is changed or does not comply with requirements of the present standard, it is necessary to renew signal coloration of objects and color coating of safety signs, or replace the sign with a new one. Signs should be also replaced with new ones in case of deformation and destruction.

4.6. Safety signs shall have flat or three-dimensional structures. In both cases symbols and explanation letterings should be applied on one or the both sides of a sign.

4.7. Structures of 3D signs shall assure tightness of all joints of housings, fastening security, as well as the ease of mounting and dismantling for sign maintenance and repair.   

4.8. Signs used for dark hours or in low visibility conditions shall be illuminated. All devices providing visibility of signs, plates and blocks in dark hours shall not change their color and deteriorate visibility in the daytime.  

4.9. Fire safety signs and escape/emergency exit indicators shall be provided with their own self-contained sources of supply for illumination.

4.10. Flat signs, plates and blocks including safety signs should be made of sheet metal 0.5-1.5 mm wide as well as plastics and wood, if required toughness, hardness, and stability in various weather conditions is provided.

4.11. For electrical installations with open current-carrying parts, movable and temporary mounted safety signs made of conductive materials shall not be used.

(Revision, Amendment No1).

4.12. Holders for signs, plates and blocks shall be painted in gray or silver-gray.