GOST 12.3.003-86

Random Section of GOST 12.3.003-86

3.2       Work sites of electric welders must be fenced off by portable or stationary light-impermeable partitions (shields, screens) made of a noncombustible material, whose height must ensure reliability of protection.

            3.3       Walls and equipment of shops (sections) for electric welding must be painted gray, yellow or blue with diffuse (scattered) reflection of light.

            3.4       The distance between equipment, from equipment to the walls and columns of the room and also the width of passageways should correspond to the existing construction standards for design of preparation shops and GOST 123.002-75.

            3.5       The width of passageways on each side of the workbench and platform should be no less than 1 m.

            3.6       The floors of industrial rooms for performance of welding must be noncombustible, have low heat conductivity, have an even, non-slip surface, be convenient for cleaning, and also satisfy the health, hygienic requirements according to the existing construction standards and regulations.

            3.7       Industrial rooms must be equipped with total-exchange plenum ventilation corresponding to construction standards and regulations for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

            Air exchanges must be calculated for dilution of harmful substances not trapped by local exhaust equipment to the levels of the MPC according to GOST 12.1.005-88, the lists of MPC, health standards, construction standards and regulations confirmed by the USSR Ministry of Health and the State Administration of Construction of the USSR.

            3.8       Distribution of intake air must be accomplished into the work zone or by sloping jets in the direction of the work zone.

            Concentrated feed through controllable air distributors can be used.

            3.9       In assembly-welding shops, air heating combined with forced ventilation must be provided.

            Air heating units must additionally be used as necessary.