GOST 12.3.002-75

Random Section of GOST 12.3.002-75* (ST CMEA 1728-89)

2.4.2. If new source materials, billets, semi-finished products are used in the technological process, or if intermediate substances are generated, which imply hazardous and harmful production factors, the personnel involved shall be informed well in advance about the rules of safe conduct, they must be trained to work with these substances and be provided with the appropriate protective means.

2.4.3. The use of new substances and materials shall be allowed only after the relevant hygienic regulations are approved in line with the established procedure.

2.4.2. — 2.4.3. (Added, Rev. No. 2).

2.5. Process equipment requirements

The process equipment used in the production process shall meet the safety requirements set out in GOST 12.2.003-74 and other regulatory documents for the relevant groups of process equipment.

2.6. Requirements on the arrangement of process equipment and workplaces

  • Arrangement of the process equipment shall provide for safety and convenience of its operation and maintenance taking into account the following aspects:
  • reducing the impact of hazardous and harmful factors on the personnel involved to the values specified by the OSSS standards and by sanitary regulations approved by the USSR Health Ministry;
  • safe movement of the personnel involved (as well as the visitors), their fast evacuation in cases of emergency, also the shortest access ways to the workplaces which do not cut the transport ways where practical;
  • the shortest travel ways of work objects and production waste excluding the opposite freight traffic where practical;
  • safe operation of means of transportation and means of production process mechanization and automation;
  • application of personnel protective means against the impact of hazardous and harmful production factors;
  • working areas (workplaces) required for free and safe work performance during  the equipment installation (dismantling), maintenance and repairs with regard for the size of tools and appurtenances used, places for installation, removal and temporary placement of source materials, billets, semi-finished products and production waste as well as spare and dismounted assemblies and parts;
  • areas for placement of the stock of billets to be processed, source materials, semi-finished products, finished products, production waste, non-stationary racks, process containers and similar auxiliary areas;
  • areas for arrangement of stationary platforms, ladders, equipment for material storage and handling, tool tables, electric cabinets, fire implements and similar areas for stationary equipment;