GOST 12.2.061-81

Random Section of GOST 12.2.061-81

2. The workplace shall conform to the requirements of GOST 12.2.003-74 and this standard.

3. The workplace, its set-up and equipment used in accordance with the nature of work shall ensure safety, health protection and operational efficiency of the workers.

4. The workplace design, dimensions and relative position of its elements (controls, information displays, an armchair, ancillary equipment, etc.) shall be in line with the anthropometric, physiological, psychophysiological features of the individual and nature of work.

5.    The levels (concentrations) of hazardous and/or harmful production factors affecting the individual at his/her workplace shall not exceed maximum allowable values.

6.         The workplace and relative positions of its elements shall ensure safe and easy maintenance and cleaning.

7.         The design of the workplace shall ensure a comfortable working position for the individual, which is achieved through regulation of the armchair position, regulation of the height and angle of inclination of the feet support, when such support is used, and/or regulation of the height and dimensions of working surface.

            Where the height and angle of inclination of the support, height and dimensions of the working surface are impossible to regulate, the equipment shall be designed and manufactured with parameters that are not regulated. In this case, the height of the working surface is based on the nature of work, the requirements to sensor-based control and required accuracy of actions, average height of the workers (of men, if only men are working, of women if only women are working, of men and women, if both men and women are working).

8.         The design of the workplace shall ensure implementation of the work operations in the areas of motor field (optimal, easy access and access), depending on the required accuracy and frequency of actions.

9.         In designing a workplace by proceeding from the nature of work, the work in a sitting position shall be preferable to work in a standing position; otherwise provision shall be made to ensure alternation of these positions (by using an auxiliary armchair).

            The workplace shall be arranged to allow for changes in working position.

10.       The workplace shall be arranged to ensure a steady position and freedom of movement for the worker, sensor-based control, and safe implementation of work operations.

            The workplace shall be arranged to exclude or allow occasional, short-term work in uncomfortable positions (characterized, for instance, by the need to bend heavily forward or sideways, bend the knees, perform operations by holding hands upwards or forward, etc.) leading to increased physical strain.