GOST 12.2.021-76

Random Section of GOST 12.2.021-76

4.1.   A testing agency shall provide a statement on trial specimens or trial batches of electrical equipment on the basis of the results of the following:

a)   review and approval of the documents referred to in clauses 2.1 and 2.2;

b)   review of the documents referred to in appendix 1 and submitted together with specimens of electrical equipment;

c)   explosion proofness tests of electrical equipment.

4.2.   A statement on, or a certificate of, explosion-proof electrical equipment shall be issued to the enterprise, which provided documents and a specimen of the electrical equipment and shall be valid only for that enterprise.

4.3.   If electrical equipment is accepted for fabrication by another enterprise, then it must obtain a new statement or certificate in accordance with the procedure stipulated by this standard. In this respect, the scope of materials to be provided (as referred to in sections 2-4) may be reduced with the agreement of the testing agency.

4.4.   A certificate for electrical equipment shall be executed, provided that a positive statement of the testing agency and positive results of one of the following types of acceptance tests, i.e. official, interdepartmental or departmental tests, are available.

4.5.   In order to have a certificate executed, the manufacturer must send the following materials to the testing agency:

a)   a letter requesting that a certificate be issued;

b)   working documentation marked by one of the following characters: I, O1 (02, O3, etc.), A or B — according to GOST 2.103-68 within the scope referred to in section 2 of this standard (the maintenance documents referred to in clause 2.1 must be provided in three copies);

c)   the textual part (according to clause 4.12) in four copies;

d)   photographs (at least 13×18 cm in size) of electrical equipment appearance with a clearly visible marking of explosion proofness — in eight copies;

e)   photographs (at least 13×18 cm in size) of the drawings of explosion proofness means and basic structural designs together with specifications and descriptions of design elements — in four copies. Instead of photographs, it shall be permitted to submit copies of those documents. All images on photographs or copies of documents must be clear and photographs must have a left margin of at least 2.5 cm;

f)   a report (or a copy, or an excerpt) of the commission which performed one of the following types of acceptance tests, i.e. official, interdepartmental or departmental tests, approved according to the established procedure and certified by a seal — in two copies;

g)   the manufacturer’s statement on removal of deficiencies revealed in the course of service, official, interdepartmental or departmental tests (only for mine electrical equipment);

h)   a specimen of an electrical device where necessary (according to section 3).

The need for a specimen shall be established by the testing agency (e.g. if there are any comments on a trial specimen provided previously).

4.6.   A certificate shall be executed by the testing agency in four copies of which three copies are sent for approval by the USSR State Committee for Mining and Industrial Supervision (for mine explosion-proof electrical equipment) or the State Committee for Energy Supervision (for indoor and outdoor electrical equipment).