GOST 12.2.003-91

Random Section of GOST 12.2.003-91

2.1.1.   Production equipment design materials shall make no hazardous or harmful impact on the human health under any intended mode of operation or under any intended operating conditions, or create fire or explosion hazardous situations.

2.1.2.   Production equipment design shall exclude, under any intended operating mode, loads on the parts and assembly units capable of destruction that would present a danger to the workers.

            If there is a possibility of occurrence of loads that can lead to the destruction of individual parts or assembly units dangerous for the workers, production equipment shall be provided with devices that prevent occurrence of breaking loads. Such parts and assembly units shall be enclosed or located so as to stop their breaking parts from creating injury hazardous situations.

2.1.3.   Design of production equipment and its components shall exclude any possibility of their falling, turnover or spontaneous displacement in any intended conditions of operation and installation (dismantling). If, due to the shape of production equipment, weight distribution of its components and/or conditions of installation (dismantling), the required stability cannot be achieved, devices and methods of fastening shall be provided. Operation documentation shall contain the corresponding requirements.

2.1.4.   Production equipment design shall exclude falls or ejection of items (e.g. tools, billets, finished parts, shavings) hazardous for workers, as well as spillage of lubricants, coolants, or other operating fluids.

            Operation documentation shall include relevant requirements if separate protective enclosures are to be used for such purposes.

2.1.5.   Production equipment moving parts, which are a possible injury source, shall be enclosed or located so as to exclude any possibility of being touched by a worker.  Other facilities shall be used (e.g. two-handled controls) to avert injuries.

            If the functionality of the hazardous moving parts precludes the use of enclosures or other facilities that would exclude any possibility of contact between the worker and the moving parts, then the design of the production equipment shall provide for equipment start-up alarms; also signaling colors and safety signs shall be used.

            Emergency shutdown (braking) controls shall be provided close to moving parts that are out of the operator’s field of vision, if there is any chance for workers to be present in the danger zone.

2.1.6.   Designs of the clamping devices, grapples, hoisting and loading facilities or their drives shall exclude any possibility of a hazardous situation if the power supply has been spontaneously cut off in whole or in part; any possibility for a change of the condition of these devices after restoring the power supply shall also be excluded.

2.1.7.   Production equipment components shall not have sharp angles, edges, fins or uneven surfaces able to injure workers unless their presence is part of the functional design of these components. If this is the case, measures to protect the workers shall be introduced.

2.1.8.   Production equipment components (including pipelines of the hydraulic, steam and pneumatic systems, stop valves, cables, etc.), which may trigger a danger, if mechanically damaged, shall be protected with enclosures or located so as to prevent their accidental damage by workers or by maintenance equipment.

2.1.9.   Production equipment design shall exclude any slackening or disconnection of fasteners in the assembly units and parts as well as exclude a displacement of the moving parts beyond the design limits if these may entail a hazardous situation.

2.1.10. Production equipment shall be fire and explosion proof under the intended operating conditions.