GOST 12.1.046-85

Random Section of GOST 12.1.046-85

4.1. Lighting installations shall have luminaire-access facilities complying with GOST 12.2.012-75 safety requirements for maintenance.

4.2. Open gas-discharge lamps and transparent-bulb incandescent lamps may not be used for lighting construction sites and locations.

4.3. Searchlight devices shall be installed no lower than indicated in Appendix 4 (obligatory) and the axial illuminance intensity direction shall be shifted from the working area center to prevent workers from dazzling.

4.4. The maximum-to-minimum horizontal surface illuminance ratio for trafficways shall not exceed 25:1.

4.5. Electric lighting for construction sites and locations shall be powered from 50 Hz AC network or from direct current with voltages:

a.    no more than 220 V for general-lighting devices (searchlights and luminaires) (more than 220 V special lighting devices may be used if agreed on with Gosenergonadzor [State Energy Inspectorate]);

b.    40 V for stationary local-lighting luminaires installed at a height accessible for accidental touching;

c.    12 V for manual portable luminaires.

Note. 42 V may be used for manual portable luminaires in dry rooms with non-conductive floors.

4.6. Supply voltage for luminaires installed in tunnels during their construction shall not exceed:

а.    42 V (12 V in very humid rooms) for ready sections up to 2.5 m in diameter with plain or reinforced concrete finishing; 127 V and 220 V for ready sections 2.5 m or more in diameter with plain or reinforced concrete finishing;

b.    12 V for sections where plain or reinforced concrete finishing is being installed and in face areas.

4.7. Masts for lighting devices installation shall have lightning protection in accordance with the Instruction on Lightning-Protection Design and Installation for Buildings and Structures approved by the USSR Gosstroy (State Committee on Architecture and Construction).

4.8. Searchlight masts higher than 50 m shall have a light barrier made by at least two luminaires working simultaneously. Searchlights shall have red globes.

4.9. Fire hydrants and water reservoirs located at the construction site shall have light indicators.