GOST 12.1.044-89

Random Section of GOST 12.1.044-89

4.6.1. Equipment

The ignition temperature shall be determined in appliances used for determining the flash point in an open crucible (see clause 4.5.1.).

4.6.2. Test preparation (see clause 4.5.2.)

4.6.3. Test procedure The ignition point determination method may either be used separately or in combination with the flash-point determining procedure with the same sample. Once the flash point is obtained in accordance with clause, the sample shall be kept heated in accordance with the procedure used for the flash-point determination. The ignition-point test shall be conducted each 2°C of the temperature increment. The ignition point shall be the temperature at which vapors formed above the liquid surface are ignited from the gas burner flame and keep burning for at least 5 min after the flame is withdrawn.

4.6.4. Interpretation of results The ignition point of the tested liquid shall be the arithmetic mean of the ignition points obtained for three samples with proper correction for atmospheric pressure calculated from (3). The method convergence shall not exceed 8°C for the confidence factor 95%. The method reproducibility shall not exceed 16°C for the confidence factor 95%. The test conditions and results shall be entered into the record whose form is given in Appendix 1.

4.6.5 Safety requirements

The flash-point device shall be installed in the fume cupboard. Operator’s workplace shall be arranged to meet the electric-safety requirements specified in GOST 12.1.019 and the sanitary and hygienic requirements of GOST 12.1.005.

4.7. Method for experimental determination of the ignition temperature of solid substances and materials

The method shall be implemented in the temperature range from 25 to 600 °С and shall not be used for testing metal powders.

4.7.1. Equipment

The diagram of the appliance for testing the ignition point is shown in Fig. 8.