СНиП на английском языке 2.11.03-93

SNiP in English 2.11.03-93

1.2 The categories of the buildings and facilities at the crude oil and petroleum products’ storage tank farms in regard to explosion and fire hazard should be assumed in compliance with the Industry Standards for Process Designing ONTP 24-86, Ministry of Internal Affairs “Determination of the buildings and facilities categories in regard to the explosion and fire hazard”, by in-plant (industry) standards for technology designing, or by special classifications and lists, approved in an established order.

1.3 Tanks, also storage buildings and facilities for keeping crude oil and petroleum products in containers are related to:

underground ones (buried into the soil or covered by soil – underground storage), in case the upper level of the liquid in the tank or the level of the spilled liquid in the storage building or facility is lower not less than 0,2 m of the lowest planned mark at the adjoining site (within the range of 3 m. from tank wall or from building or facility walls);

above-ground (above-ground storage), in case they do not satisfy the above-indicated conditions.

The width of the soil covering shall be determined by calculation of the hydrostatic pressure of the spilled liquid, and in this case the distance from the wall of vertical tank (cylindrical and rectangular) to the fill brow, or from any point of the wall of horizontal (cylindrical) tank to the fill slope should be not less than 3 m.

1.4 Buildings and facilities of petroleum and petroleum tanks should be of I, II or IIIa degree of fire-resistance.

1.5 While performing designing of the buildings and facilities at petroleum and petroleum products’ tanks, the requirements of the appropriate standards, construction standards and regulations should be taken into account, in case they are not stipulated by the present standards, and also by the Industry Standards for Technological and Construction Designing of the appropriate enterprises, approved in the established order.

Besides fire breaks, established by the present standards, when determining distance between buildings & facilities of the crude oil and petroleum products’ storage tank farms and other facilities there should be taken into account the distances, established by other standard documentation, approved in the established order (sanitary, ecological, etc.)