GOST 2.102-68

Random Section of GOST 2.102-68

2.1. When defining a set of design documents, one shall distinguish (1) the basic design document, (2) the basic set of design documents, and (3) the complete set of design documents.
2.2. The basic design document individually or collectively with other design documents comprised by the former shall define the product and its components fully.
Basic design documents include (1) part drawings for parts of the product; and (2) specifications for assembly units, systems and sets.
The product used based on design documents that meet the requirements of the Unified System for Design Documents shall be recorded in documents on other products for which this product is used, under the number of its basic design document. Such product is considered to be applied based on its basic design document.
2.3. The basic set of design documents comprises documents on the entire product (the documents are devised for the product as a whole), for instance, an assembly drawing, an electric schematic diagram, specifications or operation documents.
Design documents on components are not included in the basic set.
2.4. The complete set of design documents shall comprise (1) the basic set of design documents on the product; and (2) basic sets on components which are applied based on their basic design documents. An example of the complete set of design documents is given in the Appendix.
2.5. The basic set may also include group design documents, if such documents cover this product (e.g. group specifications).
2.6. The list of design documents is given in Table 3, depending on the stage of development.